Outsourced HR that pays for itself—and then some!

Streamline your business, reduce liabilities, and improve employee experiences—all with self-funding HR solutions!

Two reasons to get HR right

We get it: human resources management isn’t as exciting as sales or R&D, but when done right, it can change a business.

Get More from Your Team

Productivity is tied to employees’ experiences in the workplace. Create the right environment, and people will thrive.

Start on the Right Foot

Employees’ first 90-days set the tone for their tenure. Create a great onboarding process and performance & retention will follow.

Culture Creates Success

People adapt to their environment. If colleagues and leaders are engaged, they’ll be engaged (and vice versa).

Free Up Cash Flow to Reinvest

Employee expenses add up fast. Get control of costs, and you’ll find thousands of extra dollars to reinvest in your people.

Create Efficient Processes

Less tedium and repetition means more time for more important tasks. The more you can automate and streamline, the more you save.

Financial and Legal Exposure Are Real

Small and mid-sized businesses can be subject to far more fines and lawsuits without the big budgets to absorb them. Dotting your i’s and crossing t’s can protect you from huge payouts.

HR is Big.

Want to know where to start?

Should you update employee contracts or schedule performance reviews? If you need help setting priorities, book a discovery call to go through our 20-Point HR Foundations Checklist with an EIO Advisor!

Get Control of HR With Two HR Solutions

Whether you need ongoing check-ins with an on-call expert, easy-access to templated documents, or an overhaul of your HR department: we can help!

Easy HR Subscription

Add a dedicated, remote HR Expert to your team to get 1:1 advice on hiring, policies, contracts, conflict resolution, terminations, and more.

Plus: get access to a library of policies, job postings, and communications, along with partner discounts on recruiting, HR software, and more!

Starting at $499/month

HR Foundations Crash Course

Address all your biggest HR needs in a personalized four-week program meant to get you compliant, efficient, and productive.

Get a new employee handbook, update employee contracts, implement mandatory policies, and more!

Starting at $1,500 (one-time fee)

Added Support from Amazing Partners

Our Advisors specialize in expert advice, but we’ve enlisted outside support to help transform your HR operations from the ground up!

HUMI’s Online HR Platform

Centralize all your HR operations in one convenient and secure system. Store employee documents, track time off, manage payroll, and more—and just make HR easier.

As a client of EIO, try Humi for two months for free, then save 30% off your monthly subscription forever. Even the $1500 implementation fee is waived.

Scout Talent’s Recruiting Support

From job postings to job offers, get end-to-end assistance for all your hiring needs!

A unique flat-rate pricing model saves you money, and Scout’s experts and innovative software ensure you’ll always find the right person for the job!

Learn How to Give More to Your Employees

Book a discovery call to learn how an EIO Advisor can help you optimize your Human Resources!