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Employee Investment Optimization

The process of gaining control of—and getting more value from—money invested in one’s workforce.

EIO is an Optimization Cycle

Employee Investment Optimization is a continuous journey of cost savings and reinvestment into higher-value engagement strategies.

Reduce waste; invest in your team; repeat.

The Pillars of EIO

Introducing the many ways EIO Solutions will help you reduce costs and optimize investments in your people:


Reduce premiums by improving claims management and return-to-work programs.


Protect productivity and save on recruiting costs with new retention programs.

ESA Compliance

Avoid fines & lawsuits with guidance on complex rules and regulations.

Health & Safety

Keep employees safe; improve productivity; reduce time off; and limit liability exposure.


Streamline processes to save time and avoid making mistakes.


Keep track of time off, protect production levels, and ensure equity among staff.

Health Benefits

Peel back the curtain on your spending; reduce waste; invest in benefits your employees really want.

Training & Development

Certify employees and provide opportunities for growth.

Performance Management

Boost engagement with a proactive approach to career success.

Real Solutions; Real Results

Employee Investment Optimization is a science with real, quantifiable results, captured in our proprietary EIO Scorecard!

What results can you expect? The average EIO client increases their profit-per-employee by over $1,000 in their first twelve months!

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