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Keep employees happy, healthy and engaged with affordable and predictable plans that work for small businesses.

EIO Optimizes Small Business Benefits

Health Benefits are the largest employee expense behind salaries, yet they’re a black hole—no one knows what they’re really paying for!

So, peel back the curtain of your benefits plan and make better decisions based on more data. Reduce waste, take educated risks, save up to 35%, and provide more value to more employees.

Flexible Benefit Plans; Customized for Small Businesses

EIO Solutions offers three benefits models—each designed specifically with small business owners in mind. Peace of mind, predictability, flexibility—you decide what’s important and we’ll build the best plan for you.


Fully-Insured Benefits Pool

Tired of volatile premiums and shopping your plan? Our Benefits Pool provides unparalleled stability so you can focus on optimizing your plan—not just affording it.


Self-Insured Hybrid Plans

Switch to a model where you only pay for the benefits employees use and save an average of 35% which you can reinvest in wellness accounts, retirement plans, and more!


EIO Lifestlye Plans

You choose a spending limit; employees choose their benefits. Dental cleanings, massages, vitamins—everything is covered—and you’ll never see a premium increase again.

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