Give employees more of what they really want by optimizing your benefits plan.

A Brief History of Benefits in Canada

There’s a reason benefits are overpriced and undervalued, especially for small businesses.

A Brand New Perk

During a nationwide wage freeze seventy years ago, creative business owners supplemented wages with the first-ever health benefits packages. This new and rare perk became their greatest tool for attracting and retaining employees.

An Unavoidable Cost

As benefits grew more common, they stopped being a point of differentiation. Today, their absence is all that’s noticed, so despite rising costs, businesses are compelled to keep offering them just to remain competitive.

A Captive Industry

After years of consolidation, a handful of benefits carriers hold all the power in the market. They set premiums and withhold information about what drives costs, so owners must either accept ever-increasing rates or shop the plan—but even that comes with the headaches of switching carriers.

Let’s Put the Customer Back in the Driver’s Seat

The old way of doing benefits works for insurance companies—not employers or their employees. It’s time for a fresh approach that prioritizes your needs.

Knowledge is Power

You shouldn’t feel in the dark when spending thousands of dollars, so we bring you behind the scenes of how your plan is being used so you can make informed decisions.

Customized Coverage

A one-size-fits-all plan doesn’t work for anyone; we’ll help choose coverage options based on employees’ needs and your budget that make every dollar count.

Ongoing Optimizations

Instead of the stress of annual plan renewals, meet with your Advisor every six months to review claims and adjust the plan to improve the efficiency of coverage.

New Benefits Models Change the Game

Most benefits carriers say nice things about how they can help employees live their best lives—but haven’t changed anything to provide extra value in decades. EIO is finally doing something different with three innovations on standard benefits.

Stability+ Benefits

The perfect plan if your main priority is avoiding the stress of premium renewals and you never want to cut coverage or switch carriers to maintain affordability. Work with your Advisor to optimize your plan design, then join our Small Business Benefits Block where the average annual rate increases are below 5%—even for groups with unexpectedly high claims!

Efficiency+ Benefits

Keep a standard plan design, but instead of paying standard premiums, make deposits into your own benefits bank then keep the unclaimed funds!

By only paying for what employees use—plus a small administrative fee—most of our clients save up to 30% which they reinvest into extended coverage!

Lifestyle+ Spending Accounts

Perfect for first-time benefits or as add-ons to any plan, Lifestyle+ accounts offer unparalleled flexibility.
Employees can use their account on wellness benefits not covered under a traditional plan, top-up co-payments on drugs or other claims, or even roll funds into a year-end savings plan if their needs are already met.

Benefits Employees Can Use

All the coverage in the world won’t help employees if submitting claims is too confusing, difficult, or time-consuming. So, we’ve partnered with PBAS—Canada’s largest independent benefits administrators.

Claims Made Easy

Submit claims in seconds online or on mobile

Digital Cards

Set up direct-billing with service providers and pharmacies

Account Overviews

See plan designs and claims history on an online portal

Human Support

Get questions answered with on-call support agents

Getting Started With EIO

All the coverage in the world won’t help employees if submitting claims is too confusing, difficult, or time-consuming. If you’re ready to start giving to your employees, talk to an EIO Advisor about how you can optimize your benefits!

Book a Discovery Call

Review your existing coverage with an Advisor to see what’s driving costs and find opportunities to improve your coverage— no commitment required!

Choose the Right Plan For You

Your Advisor will work with our team to create 2-3 custom benefits solutions that offer immediate improvements to your plan.

Make Your Plan Better and Better

Meet with your Advisor every six months to analyze plan usage so you can continue to tweak coverage options.

Tell a Friend!

We know we can offer better benefits to every Canadian business; connect us with another owner in need and we’ll reward you both!

Learn How to Give More to Your Employees

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