Employee Investment Optimization

That’s EIO: the common-sense revolution that gives more to your employees and helps you build a better business.

We Value: Transparency

You should know what you pay for, so we offer as much insight into benefits as possible—no secrets, no jargon.

We Value: Doing More

We aren’t here to cut costs. We focus on efficiency and creativity to help our clients do more with less.

EIO’s Story, as told by our founder


I’m a serial entrepreneur. Start-ups and small businesses represent my entire working life and through it all, I’ve endured enough employee-related headaches to last multiple lifetimes: A-tier candidates turned down job offers at the last minute; key team members left when given better opportunities; and underachievers set the tone of my culture when I couldn’t find the time or money to hire replacements.

In my thirty-odd years in business, I always wished it was just…easier to find good people to do great work.

“Aha” Moment

I thought I was a victim of my size–that it’s an uphill battle to find and keep employees at a small business. Despite offering exciting opportunities, I could max out my budget and still get outspent by bigger competitors with deeper pockets and economies of scale.

Knowing I’d never win a straight bidding war—and refusing to keep losing—I realized the only question left to ask was: could I get a little more creative, and do more with less?

Turned out, I could—easily, because resources weren’t the problem, efficiency was.

Solving Problems

I was wasting time and money on HR processes, I paid more in WSIB premiums, I had more PTO, more turnover, more absenteeism—and I knew how inflated health benefits rates were for small teams.

EIO was built to fix all that. We’ve trained advisors to spot those opportunities for improvement, then help owners choose benefits that better fit their team and offer HR support to address liabilities, streamline processes, and improve employees’ experience.

The cherry on top: it’s a self-funding solution. We first show you how to reduce waste and save money, then how to reinvest it in smarter ways. It’s employee investment optimization.

E I O. Get it?

Making a Difference

It’s no small thing: we believe EIO offers a practical and effective way for small businesses to win in an increasingly competitive war for talent—with the added bonus of improving wages, benefits, and working experiences for the millions of Canadians who work for them. We’re fired up. Our partners are too. Care to join us?

Kevin Trainor
President & CEO

Our team & why we work

Small business owners put so much time and energy into what they do. Everyday we work to help them do more with the money they have. To take better care of their people.


Christie Reid

Managing Partner

We basically take money that would go to insurance companies and government agencies, and give it to small business employees. That’s Robin Hood stuff—why wouldn’t I be fired up?


John Trainor


I love working directly with business owners and decision makers to help create safe, engaging and rewarding work cultures. Knowing my advice and support can positively impact employees and businesses is a pleasure!


Sarah Fisher

Advisor, Client Services

Ever heard the saying, Be the Change? We’re living it! We empower small business owners to take the reins, lead with finesse, make every dollar count, and thrive in the midst of change. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of this?!


Rina Co

Advisor, Client Services

Being part of a company that strives for evolution in an industry that has been otherwise stagnant for years is extremely rewarding. We challenge what is “comfortable” to help create the workplace owners always wanted for their employees.


Kira Brodigan

Benefits Operations Manager

I love being part of a small team where I can make a big impact and contribute to doing something new in an old industry. I doubly-love getting perks that rival those at jobs I turned down. Providing that exact feeling for our clients’ employees is just…very cool.


Megan Jermey

Project Manager

Business Development

Nearly 98% Canadian businesses are considered “small”—they drive our whole economy. What we do—helping them thrive and grow—is incredibly important, and I’m so proud to be a part of it.


Julia Bogard

Operations Manager

The benefits & rewards industry is missing people who really care about their clients, and that’s where EIO steps up! I’m proud to be part of a team that puts in the effort to make sure our clients are getting the best for all their needs!


Christine McLaughlin

Benefits Administrator

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