HR just got easy.

As a member of Meat & Poultry Ontario, you get free access to support & resources to better manage your employees—like free Online HR Advice Sessions where you can get insight on:


Finding & keeping great people


Staying health & safety compliant


Managing employee performance


Providing fair compensation & benefits

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Support employees + build better businesses with EIO

Meat & Poultry Ontario knows the value of great workers, so they’ve partnered with EIO to offer management support and other benefits to help their association members build better teams!

Online HR Advice

Book a 1:1 advice session, and get your HR questions answered by an expert. (Limit two per month.)

Policies & Templates

From safety posters to employee handbooks—all the HR documents you need are in one place!

Easy HR Subscriptions

Choose your level of virtual support the get the foundational HR you need for your business.

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Exclusive Webinars

Join monthly webinars to learn HR tips and ask your questions to HR experts.

HR Scorecards

Get ahead of HR challenges and find opportunities to strengthen your business.

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Partner Discounts

From HR software to virtual healthcare, our partners share the goal of supporting your people. 

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Employee Benefits

Discover flexible health & wellness perks your people will brag about (and you can afford).

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