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Give employees exactly what they want
with the most convenient and flexible
spending account in Canada.

Spending Accounts the EIO Way

You control the investment;
your employees choose how to use it.

Account Control for Owners

Our employer portal gives you complete control over your employees’ EIO Lifestyle Accounts. In just a few clicks, you can add or remove employees, manage contributions, order new cards, change coverage details, and more.
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Spending Freedom for Employees

Whether it’s new prescription lenses, bi-weekly massages, fitness classes, or an extra trip to the dentist—employees choose how to use their funds. Through their own secure online portal, they can view account balances and submit new claims in seconds
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Opportunities to Impress for Brokers

Traditional insurance isn’t working for small businesses. Employees find the coverage lacking, and business owners find the cost too high—and it isn’t fun to sell something that isn’t working. EIO Lifestyle Accounts, on the other hand, work for everyone—plus there are no annual renewals to worry about!
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