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EIO Lifestyle Plan

The most affordable and customizable benefits for supporting your employees’ health and wellness.

Are Lifestyle Accounts Right for your Business?

An alternative to traditional benefits plans, EIO Lifestyle Accounts are perfect if you’re looking for exact budgeting with zero risk of premium increases, or want to ensure every employee gets the most out of their benefits.

What the Facts Say:

of employees say benefits are a key
factor in choosing an employer.

of employees agree they would like
more flexibility in their plan.

of employees believe their employer
shares responsibility for their health and wellbeing

A Revolution in Benefits: How Lifestyle Plan Work

Choose what you want to pay and that becomes your employee’s spending limit. Decide between monthly or annual premiums and establish perfectly predictable premiums.

Allow employees to use their benefits for prescription drugs, dental visits, vision care, massages, vitamins, gyms, and more−empowering them to take control of their wellbeing.

Add Employees to an online platform where they can submit claims, track plan usage, edit dependents, contact support−all to streamline their benefits experience.

Choose to rollover unused funds to subsequent year, add them to employees’ RRSP’s, or remit them back to the business

Lifestyle Plans vs: Traditional Benefits

Fee Structure

Rate Increase

Rollover Funds


Plan Inclusions


Traditional Benefits



Claims experience determines premium structure



Average 10-20% annually



Use it or lose it



Average 80% up to per-service maximum



Drugs, dental, paramedicals



EIO Lifestyle Plan



Premiums dictate maximum claims






100% of funds carried forward



No per-service limits with overall
spending maximum



Drugs, dental, paramedicals, vision, vitamins, fitness, and more!


Plan Perks & Add-Ons

Looking for extra peace of mind − or innovative digital solutions to better support employees’ well being?

EIO Solutions and our partners are here to help.

Comprehensive Health & Wellness Support with Telus Health Solutions

Take a proactive approach to better living with game-changing solutions from Telus: Akira+LifeJourney offers complete virtual care for mental and physical health; and Preventative Health Assessments for early-detection and treatment of disease.

No-Fee Prescription Drug Delivery
from PocketPills

Easily manage medications by ordering and refilling prescriptions online − plus get free delivery to select locations in Canada!

INCLUDED with every EIO SOLUTIONS Lifestyle Plan!

Lifestyle Plans: The Perfect Complement to Traditional Benefits

Satisfied with your current benefits and just looking to provide employees with a little extra value? EIO Lifestyle Plans seamlessly integrate with your existing plan to expand coverage or fill in gaps where co-pays are below 100%. Speak with one of our EIO Benefits Experts to learn how a Lifestyle Plan could work for you!

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