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Fully-Insured Benefits Pool

Great Benefits with stable premiums-no matter how small your business!

Break the cycle of premium Increases, carrier changes, and employee complaints.

Your benefits premiums are designed to go up every year. With a traditional model: if employee claims exceed a spending limit (Target Loss Ratio), rates increase. Even if employees don’t use their benefits, insurers inflate claims with inflation (11%), and un-reported claims (5%) to justify 15-20% increases—in a good year!

Facing that, you’ve no choice but to shop the plan every year. That drains time, money, and energy. More importantly: you can’t focus on delivering benefits employees value when your only concern is finding benefits you can afford!

It’s time to get off the roller coaster.

The Fully-Insured Benefits Pool: Making Small Group BIG

Join your business with hundreds of others and those few high-claiming employees become drops in the oceans!

Peel back the curtain on your plan usage, make informed decisions about your coverage, and provide more value to to more people.

How it Works:

We’ll review plan used (in a six-month) trial period if claims data is unavailable) to determine opportunities for savings..

Together, make plan adjustments to trim waste, leverage government programs, and reduce premiums.

Join EIO’s Fully-Insured Benefits Pool with your new (fair) rates and never worry about renewals again.

Use your newfound free time to review plan optimizations like EIO’s flexible Lifestyle Plan add-ons

Plan Perks & Add-Ons

Looking for extra peace of mind − or innovative digital solutions to better support employees’ well being?

EIO Solutions and our partners are here to help.

Comprehensive Health & Wellness Support with Telus Health Solutions

Take a proactive approach to better living with game-changing solutions from Telus: Akira+LifeJourney offers complete virtual care for mental and physical health; and Preventative Health Assessments for early-detection and treatment of disease.

No-Fee Prescription Drug Delivery
from PocketPills

Easily manage medications by ordering and refilling prescriptions online − plus get free delivery to select locations in Canada!

INCLUDED with every EIO SOLUTIONS Lifestyle Plan!

"Partnering to do right by our clients."

EIO Solutions is proud to work with one of the world’s most-trusted benefits providers to better serve our clients.

Over its 160-year heritage, Aetna has contributed to a stronger, healthier global community by delivering comprehensive health care benefits and population health solutions to over 800,00 members worldwide.

As a healthcare partner, they help employees achieve their health potential so business owners can achieve their business potential.

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