EIO Benefits 101

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March 26, 2020
What is the main reason you offer a benefits plan? To attract, retain, and motivate your employees. So how does a one-size-fits-all plan (that all your competitors offer) set you apart as an employer?

And what about younger employees? How much do they truly appreciate or even use the plan?

Why can’t Gym memberships, wellness coaches, yoga or meditation classes be covered as well? Who said that staying healthy and physically active are not as important as an unlimited drug plan?

At EIO Solutions, we are obsessed with helping our small business clients optimize their benefits investment.

Our customized benefits platform analyzes your employees claims on a daily basis, looking for patterns and opportunities.

What is being used—and just as importantly—what is not? The data provides ongoing insight and control and allows the redirection of funds from underused benefits to what people really want!

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