The Story of EIO Solutions:

For two decades, the founders of EIO Solutions helped small business owners tackle HR issues they weren’t equipped to handle in-house and introduced new health benefits solutions designed specifically for small groups.

They saw a common issue shared by all their clients: they had little control over the cost of their workforce. Owners’ focus was on their business’ core operations. They didn’t have the time, expertise or information to micromanage employee expenses or stand up to pressures from lawyers or government agencies.

They accepted a steep cost of employing people—but that cost included funds lost to inefficiencies, avoidable fines & lawsuits, and financial black holes like health benefits.Those wasted resources are missed opportunities to invest meaningfully in their team.

When businesses struggle to compete for talented workers, they struggle to compete.

In response, the three founded EIO Solutions: Canada’s first Employee Investment Optimization company. Their revolutionary philosophy exposes where investments aren’t producing value and introduces new opportunities to invest in proven employee-engagement strategies—creating an optimization cycle.

Employing innovative technologies and hands-on attention from EIO Experts: HR processes are streamlined; health & safety compliance is ensured; fines and lawsuits are avoided; and health benefit premiums are stabilized.

And with investment plans custom-built for each client: employee satisfaction increases, benefits become more valued, and productivity jumps. With EIO Solutions, small business owners will attract, engage, and retain the best people, ensuring their business continues to thrive.
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